Pressing machine pumping station

Pressing machine pumping station

The oil leakage of the pumping station pumping system is one of the common faults of the hydraulic transmission system. According to the oil leakage part, it can be divided into two categories: oil leakage and oil leakage at the joint. The reason for self-leakage is very complicated. Some new equipment leaks oil, and some old equipment that has been used for more than 10 years does not leak oil. To completely solve the problem of oil leakage, we must find out the factors and ways of oil leakage. Here are a few typical examples to analyze the causes and solutions of self-leakage.
Jacket pump station oil leakage:
The hydraulic parts are not allowed to leak oil, but for various reasons, the new factory hydraulic pump leaks oil from the journal when the oil temperature reaches 50 °C during the commissioning of the pump station. From the analysis of the oil leakage, most of them are leaking from the low pressure chamber, that is, the oil leaking from the pressure chamber to the low pressure chamber (internal leakage). Because there is a certain back pressure in the system, a part of the low pressure oil is made. Leakage; also some hydraulic components low pressure chamber is not allowed to return oil, such as the axial extension of the hydraulic pump. It is common for all types of hydraulic pumps to leak oil from the extension of the drive shaft, especially the self-tightening rubber seal ring in the journal end cap of the gear pump. The reasons for this type of structure's own oil leakage are:
(1) The axial clearance of the pump exceeds the specified value, and the pressure oil enters the low pressure zone in a large amount, and the self-tightening rubber seal ring is opened to leak outward;
(2) The pressure sleeve pump is worn in the system for many years, so that the axial clearance is increased, and the pressure oil enters the low pressure zone in a large amount, and the rotary sealing ring is opened to leak outward.
(3) For newly processed hydraulic pumps, the geometric dimensional tolerance of a component in the manufacturing process exceeds the specified value, or the cumulative dimensional tolerance of several components exceeds the specified value.
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