220V electric high pressure pump

220V electric high pressure pump

Product Name: 220V electric high-pressure pump When the high-pressure pump in use is finished, what order should be followed when the pump is stopped, so that the pump will not be damaged due to sudden pump stop?
The following is an introduction to the pump stop sequence of the 220V electric high pressure pump.
(1) Immediately after receiving the "required stop" signal from the hydraulic press, send a "can stop" signal to the hydraulic press;
(2) Add the water level of the water storage tank to level 7 or above;
(3) Unplug the pressure plug and cut off the power supply of the lower level valve solenoid;
(4) Cut off the power supply of the pump, and do not allow the pump to stop with load;
(5) After the high pressure pump stops running, turn off the lubricating oil pump power supply and close the lubricating oil cooling water valve.
The above is the order of stopping the pump of the 220V electric high-pressure pump. These contents are for your reference only.

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